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Descripción:This file is an electronic guide (PDF file) for i-SENSYS LBP253x, LBP252dw, LBP251dw.
En el sitio se puede ver la versión completa del documento y descargarlo en el formato PDF.
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Replacing Toner Cartridges
Toner cartridges are consumables. When the amount remaining in a toner cartridge is low, a message appears on the screen or the
following problems may occur. Take the appropriate Corresponding action.
When a Message Appears
The machine displays a message when the amount
remaining in a toner cartridge is low.
When the message is
displayed on the screen
Description and solutions
Prepare a
The toner cartridge needs
a replacement soon.
Check the level of remaining toner in the toner cartridge and replace the toner
cartridge with a new one before printing high-volume documents.
e-Manual “Replacing Toner Cartridges”
Cartridge has
reached end of
lifetime. Rplcmt
The toner cartridge has
reached the end of its life.
If this message does not disappear, replace the toner cartridge. You can
continue printing, but the print quality cannot be guaranteed.
e-Manual “Replacing Toner Cartridges”
If Printouts Are Poor in Quality
If your printouts begin to show any of the following features, one of your toner cartridges is nearly empty. Replace the nearly empty
toner cartridge even if no message is displayed.
White streaks appear
Partially faded
Uneven density
Toner smudges and splatters
Blank space of originals becomes
slightly colored